Documentation or refusing

Do your research but be alert to warning signs such as refusing to provide proof documentation or refusing to inspect the property in person.


 The Artwork Archive's Premier Collector plan lets subscribers upload and store digital scans of each artwork's COA via the "additional files" function.

 Do: Check the materials used

 For paintings that are simply acrylic or oil on canvas, there may not be a need to confirm the materials used in an artwork. Mixed art, however, will need to be confirmed.

 Media pieces are recommended to get a complete list of the materials from the vendor. There are many reasons for this.

 Certain materials might not age well or have an extended shelf life, which you, as the buyer, must be aware of prior to making a purchase. Multimedia work could comprise

 You will eventually have to replace components such light bulbs. But what if the parts are no longer being manufactured? Caveat


 Damien Hirst's "rotting fish" (titled The Physical Imperability of Death in a Mind of Someone) is the most prominent example of this situation.

 Living was sold for over $10 million in the early 2000s, even though it was clearly in decline.

 Tate published an article in 2003 stating, "The formaldehyde solution for the physical impossibility of death in the Mind Of Someone Living was discovered."

 The clouds were so dense that the animal could not be observed. It was therefore not surprising when Larry Gagosian, the dealer who announced the change

 The shark should not be viewed as an addition to Dan Flavin’s neon tube installation. Damien Hirst's studio is available now

 Any animal more than 10 year old may be traded by the artist.

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 It's a good idea for you to seek out a professional's an opinion on the materials used in the art you're looking at.

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 Don't confuse an original painting with a "hand-painted giclee"

 Giclee prints reproduce original artworks. A hand-painted giclee is still a print and is not as valuable as an original painting.

 You should read all the information before purchasing, especially if the artwork is not available in the physical location.

 Do: Conduct as much due diligence on the artist or seller as you can.

 In the art world, too, looks can deceive particularly when they're faked. Recent cases of high profile have highlighted art fraud in which a seemingly trusted dealer may have been committing fraud.

 Conned art collectors can make thousands, or even millions of dollars.

 Although buying art from a well-respected gallery or auction house could reduce risk, even the most well-established galleries are vulnerable to scammers.

 Professional organizations such the Art Dealers Association of America have strict standards regarding ethics.

 membership, galleries or dealers who are members of these organizations are usually a relatively secure option.

 Do your research but be alert to warning signs such as refusing to provide proof documentation or refusing to inspect the property in person.

 artwork in question.