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3. Comparison from the printing procedure difference from the warning words about the front from the small container: the publishing USA Cigarettes Wholesale edges from the real smoke cigarettes warning phrases are thoroughly clean, the colour origin from the label document is filled small contaminants, and the actual printing is actually exquisite, like the last stroke from the first Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Cheap caution word "suction", the starting place is toned head; The edge from the printed term of fake cigarette caution has standard serrated digital edge, the colour origin from the label document is abnormal dot, the actual grain is actually large, the actual printing is actually uneven as well as rough, like the last stroke from the first "smoke" word within the warning, the starting place is directed.

4. Comparison from the difference between your packaging procedure for the bottom from the small box and also the printing associated with brand document: the folding procedure for the manufacturer paper at the end of the actual cigarette little box retreats into mechanical drinking water packaging procedure. Both ends from the bottom collapse flat and also the folding Position is equivalent, the advantage printing from Cheap Carton of Newport 100s the brand document is total and great, without the actual phenomenon associated with paint elimination and colour fading; The folding from the trademark paper at the end of the actual fake smoke small container mostly retreats into manual product packaging, and the actual folding isn't smooth sufficient, which is actually "raised", and also the edge from the trademark paper has got the phenomenon associated with paint draining and colour fading.