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Peony red branch authentic and fictitious identification way with road, 2021 peony red branch the right way to see authentic and fictitious

2021 Peony Red Middle branch is known as a medium part of peony tobacco to remain launched on 2020. Being a Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online upgrade in peony fluffy blue, that packaging model of Peony Red Middle part adopts that contemporary well known classic red, while attaching suede operation. In that taste belonging to the cigarette, the peony fluffy blue affords the feeling that should be warm and even smooth. About how precisely exactly to judge the actual or fictitious branches in peony fluffy blue, please read the band road of Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online authentic or fictitious identification think about branches in peony red.

One, brand printing authentic and fictitious comparison

(1) Peony blooming pattern in the front

The cigarette: peony blooming pattern is without a doubt clear, furnishings is exquisite, the adaptation color is without a doubt natural, that gold go over line is without a doubt bright, that overprint is without a doubt accurate. Perspective view blooming pattern realistic, natural.

Fake cigarettes: that counterfeit smoking peony blooming pattern tone is weighty, basic very little excessive tone, gold shape without well lit sense, overprint change. FIG. 1 Authentic Cigarettes Hot Sale left and even false best