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The length between 2 points is all about 100mm, and also the two finishes are glued as well as sealed along with four-point. 3rd, the anti-counterfeiting mark from the Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online true gentle box peony smoke box is within the transparent paper within the upper correct corner from the box, also it appears crimson and blue underneath the ultraviolet gentle. The anti-counterfeiting mark consists of the team pattern, 2 letters as well as ten number numbers. Both letters MD may be the Chinese pinyin prefix from the word "peony", and also the last 10 digit amounts respectively signify the manufacturing date, group and vehicle number.

two. Small container packaging: the first is really gentle box peony smoke small container transparent document bright; As well as fake gentle boxes associated with Cigarettes Wholesale peony smoking. True gentle box peony smoke is glued quietly, and toned, straight as well as. Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale Second, the anti-counterfeiting mark from the peony smoke box is about the inner side from the transparent paper underneath the "Produced through Shanghai Smoke Factory". It's arranged inside a row and it has no team pattern. The additional contents are just like the container. The 3rd is how the soft container of peony cigarette is really a small box having a letter draw line, the actual pull collection head is actually half round, clockwise. 4th, there is really a letter as well as two digits in the center of the light weight aluminum paper from the peony smoke, and the final digit is equivalent to the final digit from the anti-counterfeiting mark from the small box and also the box.