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Counterfeit smoking: the fake cigarette clear paper Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes closing hot closing water watery vapor heavier, off and on both finishes of clear paper without having contraction remnants. Cigarette tugging head form is abnormal round, clear paper advantage without reducing traces. There isn't any English word about the cable. Determine 1: Remaining true as well as right fake, Figure two: top accurate and base Marlboro Cigarettes Online false.

Real cigarettes: the ironing represents left through the soldering iron from the cigarette packaging machine Cheap Cigarettes Sale is visible faintly about the transparent document at each ends from the box; At the end of the actual transparent center position, the actual paper contraction is actually smooth as well as firm, and also the transparent document on each sides reduces naturally; Stencils faintly noticeable intensity associated with different, unclear.

Counterfeit smoking: transparent paper with no traces left through the hot metal seal; The underside transparent document packaging is actually loose, free, no feeling of rigidity; There isn't any seal. Determine 3 Upward true lower false