Natural Lyme disease treatment

A course of antibiotics is the standard treatment for Lyme disease but it does not assist the immune system and could disrupt the natural healing process of the body. If you want a successfully recovery that also ensures the well being of the patient then herbal supplements can be a good a


Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that attach themselves to animals and people. Once attached to a host, ticks feed voraciously and as they feed, they can transmit a number of diseases, including Lyme disease. Lyme disease does not only affect dogs but also humans. A bite from an infected tick can mean tiredness, fever, joint pain, and loss of appetite. An effective way to prevent Lyme disease is tick control. Dog Armor Knockdown gear can protect dogs from the bites of ticks (and other biting insects) by killing those that come into contact with the gear. Lyme disease presents a huge challenge for patients and physicians. The symptoms of Lyme are nonspecific and overlap with many other disease conditions. The most successful way to approach Lyme disease includes multiple methods of treatment and an open mind. Many people can treat their lyme disease by utilising natural remedies such as changing their food, taking Lyme disease diet, and sticking to herbs and minerals, all of which require minimal lifestyle modifications. Get the best natural lyme disease treatment at Trillium Health Solutions.