Why Not All "Responsive Websites" Are Equal

Why Not All "Responsive Websites" Are Equal


Did you consider that 88% of users are less likely to go back to a website if they've had a bad experience it? This is one reason that companies should have responsive websites.

Your business' credibility is directly affected by your web page. Websites are about first impressions, and thus can make or break the relationship with potential customers.

A site that is properly constructed and functional is achieved by many aspects. Design, content, and flow are very important to attract and retain customers. It is important to make sure that your customers www.getguestpost.com can access your content on any device.

Responsive websites are the best solution for redesigns or updates. No matter what your business is, if you're trying to get the most out of your web presence, responsive site design will help bring your strategies to the next level.

What are responsive websites?

Responsive websites are responsive to any screen, creating pleasant user experiences on every device. This is true for tablets, mobile devices and desktop computers, as well as any new technology that is available.

Responsive web design is achieved through Cascading Style Sheets. This getguestpost method can be utilized to accommodate the unique features of every device.

How Can You Tell whether a website is responsive?

Have you ever visited an online site using a mobile device and found it difficult to navigate? It was not just slow and the fonts were small and hard to read, and menus weren't clickable? It's likely that the website was not responsive.

It is easy to find non-responsive websites. Many users return to sites using various devices at every visit. Thus, they will be able to tell if it is not optimized.

What is Responsive Web Design Matter?

Without responsive website design, web Get Guest Post developers would have to build separate websites for every single current device. Web design technology that is able to adapt to any device can save time and money, and improves the overall web design experience simpler for all parties that is involved.

For business owners, having an responsive website means that your visitors will be able to benefit from your site every time they access it.

Mobile devices account for the majority of website traffic. Making sure your site is properly optimized for mobile users is extremely important.

There are a variety of tools that you can utilize to determine if your website is mobile-friendly. Google's Mobile-Friendly Test is a Website  good alternative. If you aren't satisfied with the results it's worth working with a web design firm like Dot The i Creative to get your site optimized.

How to Design a Responsive website that works

After having discussed responsive websites, let's now discuss why not all responsive websites are created equally. The top websites have the same basic elements. Here are some of the best practices in responsive web design:

Are Very Usable

Websites were created to aid human interaction. It doesn't matter how trendy or attractive your website however, it will make no difference if users have difficulties navigating the site.  getguestpost.com Nothing deters a user quicker than a website that they can't navigate with ease.

However much the internet world evolves the purpose of a website will remain the same. This is to communicate an intended message in the most efficient way possible.

Your website should be easy to use on every device. That's why it's recommended to always collaborate with an experienced web design company. Experts will ensure that your site is user-friendly to use.

Scalable graphics are a great option

Websites that do not have proper graphics will be at an disadvantage to websites with them. Responsive websites require vector graphics that can be scaled. SVG does not work with other formats such as JPEG and PNG.

Making use of SVGs can give you peace of mind knowing the graphics you use will look sharp on any device regardless of the size. SVGs are also compact in size so your website will load faster.

Take a hard look at your menus and buttons

One can tell that a website's buttons or menus were not thought of as a priority. With responsive websites, it is crucial to optimize every button and every menu to make it as efficient as possible.

To make it easier to hit buttons on a responsive mobile website, they should be larger. Menus that are hidden or ones with swipes are also best practices for mobile optimization.

Websites that don't consider these things are at risk of giving their users on mobile devices a poor experience.

Don't Sacrifice Design

Websites must be functional, but design can still keep your visitors engaged.

Optimizing your website should be easy on any device. It also needs to appear stunning. Dot The i Creative is a professional web design firm who will ensure that your website looks stunning and is optimized.

Overall, the better your website appears across all devices the more likely customers will stay on your site.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a responsive website?

Dot The i Creative is available to assist. If you're looking to create a new website or upgrade your existing one, we have solutions that will help your business leap to the next step.

The responsiveness of your site could be an enormous benefit for your company. Knowing precisely what to put in it is crucial for making it as effective as possible. If your customers have great experience every time they visit your website, they're likely to return.

Each client receives stunning, responsive websites from our team of professionals. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can turn your site into a lead-generating machine.