A Romantic, Historic Inspired Wedding

Education and events officer Kate and her groom, business analyst James chose 27th May 2017 his their wedding date.


The couple was married through a ceremony in the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary in Hampstead, London, then a reception in the gorgeous Georgian in Mayfair.

"As somebody who has always worked within the arts and cultural heritage sector, I knew that I wanted our wedding to become historic, romantic, and traditional. The Georgian era is my favorite artistically, so I searched for a venue in the Georgian era for the reception. I also knew I wanted an outfit that was just as romantic because of the venue, hence the entire a line wedding dresses. After picking the gown and the venue, anything else just fell into place to go with the two."

Kate's bridesmaids looked the dream in matching berry-colored full-length gowns. They each wore their very own shoes and were accessorized by having a pearl pendant necklace each, gifted to them by Kate's family.

Each bridesmaid also carried an attractive bouquet to go with the bride's own, developed by a long-time family friend and garden designer Gill Schwartz.

"Gill is generally a landscape and garden designer but loves doing the sporadic wedding too. I wanted pinks and whites, with a lot of greenery throughout – a vintage and romantic combination. I also ensured that the colors complimented my bridesmaid's dresses."

The wedding couple first met via the social networking app Tinder. Kate had recently relocated to London from California as well as in a wonderful twist of fate, found James after being a match around the app.

"We met within the controversially and least romantic way by matching on Tinder. I thought the app will be a great method to meet new people after moving to London. Once we realized we wanted to become together seriously, I was both too embarrassed to inform our parents about the way we met so composed a story that people had met around the bus! It wasn't until many months after becoming engaged that people told them the reality – which would be a bit of a shock on their behalf!" Here

"James proposed in my experience in a somewhat equally nonromantic way. He cooked an attractive roast dinner and popped a bottle of champagne. He would put the ring within the champagne flute but be built with a last-minute panic, thinking it may be too cheesy and overdone."

"He compromised by putting the ring within the gravy boat! Unfortunately, the ring sunk towards the bottom so he sat with the whole meal sweating and continuously offering me more gravy. Finally, he poured all of that other gravy onto my plate (ruining my meal!) however it was worth it! I found a sparkly ring included with my mashed potatoes!"

The groom wore a conventional grey and white three-piece suit by British tailors, accessorized having a blue and white polka dot tie.

"Now when I look back, my favorite moment from the wedding was my father walking me down the aisle. I am nervous to possess everyone taking a look at me but he is reassuring and supportive because he held my arm and walked beside me. Jodie took probably the most fabulous photo of him laughing because he brought me towards the priest as I was all so happy. He died just before our twelve months wedding anniversary, causing this to be a moment much more special in my experience."

"My husband's favorite moment was whenever we went into the small altar room to sign our marriage certificate. It would be a quiet moment between the 2 of us, and also the calm before the storm."

"It's so difficult to choose a popular moment in the day because the whole day was perfect! I loved spending time with my bridesmaids preparing together around the morning of the wedding. Being encompassed by my closest family and friends helped keep me calm. We were in a position to laugh together and also have a nice time before everything started."

Words Of Wedded Wisdom

"The most important thing would be to focus on why you’re there in the first place – you’re marrying the individual you love and are encompassed by the people who love and give you support both probably the most."

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