Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders: Early Detection Leads to Better Prevention!

The branch of medical speciality dealing with diseases of the ear, nose, and throat as well as the areas in connection with the head and neck is Otolaryngology, commonly known as ENT.


The branch of medical speciality dealing with diseases of the ear, nose, and throat as well as the areas in connection with the head and neck is Otolaryngology, commonly known as ENT. The ear, nose and throat issues start from minor colds and allergies, but if left untreated, these ENT disorders may turn into highly complicated respiratory problems. If you have a runny nose, ear pain, sore throat, persistent coughing and sneezing, nose bleeding, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc. Do not delay! Book an immediate appointment with your ENT Surgeon in Gurgaon to detect the issues at the right time.

How do ENT specialists help you?

ENT specialists are adept at the management of both medical and surgical issues related to the ear, nose and throat. The following problems call their attention: 

  • Problems with Ear- Chronic ear infection causes congestion, swelling and continuous buzzing in your ear. It is painful and can lead to impaired hearing and loss of balance. To cure such chronic ear disease, the ENT Surgeon in Gurgaon can opt for ear surgeries.
  • Problems with Nose- The disorders related to the nose can cause you difficulty in proper smelling and breathing. It might also affect your physical appearance. A top Nasal Dr will provide you with curative medical treatment; to prevent the problems related to the nose, nasal cavity, and sinuses.
  • Problems with Throat- If you are suffering from any conditions affecting your throat, it might adversely affect your ability to speak, sing, eat or swallow; reach out to your ENT specialist to identify and treat these problems.
  • ENT-related head and neck problems- Apart from general diagnosis and management of ENT problems, ENT doctors are proficient in treating the tumours and deformities of the head, neck, and face. In case you need cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in your ENT areas, they can also help you with the same. 

Nasal Disorders and their treatment

The familiar nasal and sinus issues include:

  • Chronic sinusitis or sinus inflammation which comes along with the nasal polyps.
  • Persistent sinus infections.
  • Allergies in the nose.
  • Nasal wall misalignment or a deviated septum.

While the complex sinus and nasal issues include:

  • The problems relating to the sinus, even after surgery.
  • Nasal and sinus tumours. 
  • Sinusitis, because of the autoimmune conditions such as Sarcoidosis.
  • Cystic fibrosis condition causing permanent sinus problems.

The highly knowledgeable and well-experienced Nasal Dr can offer you advanced care for sinus and nasal diseases and perform surgeries to provide you with utmost relief.


Most of the time, Ear, Nose and Throat disorders are inborn, so their prevention is not always possible. However, you can still follow some measures to avoid the ENT issues; here they are:

  • Preventing Ear Infection- When bacteria enters your ear and gets trapped there, it causes an ear infection. You need to identify the allergies and treat them; to prevent such ear infections. Also, avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and do not take out the ear wax without consulting your doctor. 


  • Preventing Sinus Infection- In some patients, structural deformities lead to sinus infection. Allergies cause chronic sinus issues, while bacteria can cause an acute sinus infection; your Nasal Dr will recognize and treat them. They might also recommend nasal sprays if you suffer from chronic sinus problems.


  • Preventing sore throat- If you have a sore throat, that may include many reasons like sleep apnoea, acid reflux or, in severe cases, cancer. However, the most common causes of sore throat are viral or bacterial infections. Avoid coming in contact with smoke and take care of your oesophageal reflux to prevent having a sore throat. Also, getting complete rest and frequent hand-washing will speed up your recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my child suffer from frequent ear infections?

The Eustachian tubes in children are short and developing, which causes blockages and swellings, making them suffer. Discuss the same with your ENT doctor for immediate help.

Q. Does ear infection recover naturally?

Yes, many a time ear infection can clear up on its own. Nonetheless, visiting an ENT specialist is always beneficial.

Q. I suffer from a chronic sinus infection; do I need surgery?

No, chronic sinus infection does not call for sinus surgery. Ask your doctor to know about the same.


The top-ranking ENT Surgeon in Gurgaon is associated with the prestigious hospitals in Gurgaon. Visit them soon to ensure the best remedy for your ENT disorders.