Top 7 Best Runescape Auras

Although auras may not seem like much, they are able to make a big difference in battle.


Auras are objects that provide temporary benefits within Runescape. These are normally bought at Solomon's General Store for Loyalty Points. These temporary benefits cannot be paused once activated and will continue to operate even after you log out. Before an aura is again activated, it has to be completed during a cooldown time.

Are those membership loyalty points burning a hole in your pocket? Here's how you can spend the points.

Although auras may not seem like much, they are able to make a big difference in battle. However, the right aura can make a a big difference, especially when fighting. Here are the seven most effective essential auras to have in your bag.

7. Supreme Accuracy Auras: Brawler, Sharpshooter and Runic Accuracy

These Tier-4 auras help laser-focus your combat, boosting your attack accuracy. Brawler increases Melee Sharpshooter increases Ranged and Runic accuracy boosts Magic. You can pick your preferred mode of combat, or any combination of the three.


10% accuracy boost in the corresponding combat style

1 hour of use, with 3-hour cooldown period

Each aura costs 57,000 loyalty points. The total cost of each aura is 107,000 loyalty points, assuming you didn't purchase the prior tiers.

These auras might seem simple at first however a small increase can make a difference. Increased accuracy leads to more kills per hour, which increases experience gained. Soul Split is also more useful if you're accurate. These auras will ensure that the heavy shots actually hit.

6. Legendary Jack of Trades Aura

The Jack of Trades Aura is like a minigame and an experience lamp all rolled into one. When you turn on the aura, you're given 3 hours. During that time, acquire experience in at least 25 different abilities, and you'll get an experience reward.


The award is based on experience level for gaining XP after having acquired 25 different skills

If you finish the 25-skill challenge before the aura is exhausted then you can remove the aura to claim your reward. This aura is only available every day. It costs 120,000 loyalty point and has a cumulative cost 225,000 for all levels.

The experience reward is proportional to the level of skill you select. You'll get 20,050 XP if you select a level of 90. What's the best aspect? For you to earn your reward You will only require 1 experience point for each of the 25 skills. It's simple to finish the task in a short amount of time. Who doesn't like easy XP?

5. Attack Power Auras: Berserker, Maniacal, Reckless

These super auras are similar to the accuracy auras, and enhance your choice of combat style. One will increase the amount of damage you can do and the level of your character by 10%. However, there's a caveat you must consider: Defence level and level of protection decrease by 15%. Berserker improves Melee, Maniacal boosts Magic Reckless increases Ranged.


Damage output increased by 10%

10% level of combat style increase

15% decrease in defence level

Damages incurred by 15%

30-minutes of use, 5-hour cooling-off period

These auras cost 50k loyalty points per.

You do more damage but also take more. Be prepared. The power boost is able to be combined with effects of the Overload potion. This means that you can do loads of damage per hit. To get around the Defence drop, combine it with Soul Split and the Scrimshaw of Vampyrism.

4. Penance Aura

If you're hit, you'll suffer 100 points of injury. If you are using Penance, you get five prayer points. Penance is a penance that's why you don't need to visit priests, neither.


5 percent of the damage restored in prayer points

1 hour of use, 3-hour cooldown period

Penance costs 23,000 Loyalty points. This aura is useful for reducing the need to use prayer potions for monsters and semi-bosses that have high damage outputs. Utilize it in conjunction with Soul Split for a powerful combo of healing and prayer restoration.

3. Supreme Reverence Aura

Reverence, like Penance improves your prayer abilities by two different methods. Reverence doesn't depend on the amount of damage you sustain, which is why it's a better option when fighting smaller dangers.


Prayer points reduce 10% slower

10% more prayer points when drinking an ointment of prayer

1-hour usage, 3-hour cooling down period

This aura is worth 57,000 loyalty points, with a cumulative price of 115,000. If you intend to use Prayers or curses that have a high drain rate then you should activate the Supreme Reverence. It will help you carry less potions and bring back more loot. This is an ideal win-win scenario.

2. 2. Dark Magic

Don't be fooled by the name, this aura is effective on all forms of combat. When activated Dark Magic grants a chance (a tiny one) that damage you take can cause damage to your opponent. Dark Sorcery is a dark way to gain power.

How much damage does it do? That's a bit complicated. To start, the aura picks the less value of the following:

Multiply the level of your style of fighting by 15. Example: (90 Magic+1) 91x15=1,365 Damage OR

5% of the life points your opponent has.

Your attacker is initially targeted for 100%, then for 60%, 80% and 52% according to. These corruption-based attacks occur in less than 10 seconds.

Dark Magic, like most effects, comes with a one-hour duration and a 3 hour cooling off period. It is available for purchase at 42,500 loyalty points.

Dark Magic should be your aura of choice when fighting monsters with a large number of life points. It's a good idea to have it next time you take on Glacors. The corruption will continue to spread.

1. Vampyrism

Although this aura will not cause you to grow fangs, it can allow you to get the blood of your foes. Although it has the same effect as Soul Split, it doesn't drain your prayer point. You will receive healing equal to 5 percent of the damage output.

For instance, if your attack hits 1,000 damage, you'll get back 50 health points. (Note that the healing effect is limited at 50 points for each hit).


You earn 5% of the damage you cause as life points

1-hour usage, 3-hour cooling down time

Although handy by itself, Vampyrism stacks with Soul Split and a Scrimshaw of Vampyrism. It's the go-to for whatever job your Slayer master throws at you.