Final exams are approaching and you need to prepare to get good results. First of all, a person must understand what he is studying, using some useful techniques.



Final exams are approaching and you need to prepare to get good results. First of all, a person must understand what he is studying, using some useful techniques.

association method

You can turn a mental or physical visualization into a story. The more outlandish or funny the story, the more likely it is to stick in your memory.

One should imagine a place that is very familiar, such as a house or the way to school or university, and then associate parts of what needs to be remembered with different parts of this place.

Another really effective way to work with stories is to use the context of the story itself. This method works especially well when there are many dates to remember. You can think of the smallest details, real or imagined, that can be associated with the dates to be learned.


Associating new information with other information can improve memory. You need to use visual images, sounds, smells, or previously learned facts to associate them with new information.

Number breakdown method

Sometimes, remembering dates is as simple as dropping the first two digits. If a specific period of time is studied, then it is already known in which century the events took place and what generally happened then. Breaking the date freeessaywriters  into two numbers will make it much easier to remember.

Similarly, dividing a number into smaller parts can be helpful. It is easier for some to remember 1861, the year of the abolition of Serfdom, as 18 and 61.

Visualization Method

A person will never forget what is imprinted in his memory. In the same way, if he simply visualizes the number in his mind with certain images that are common, it will help not only to remember for exams, but also to save for life. This is a very interesting way of remembering historical dates. For example, you need to remember 1789, the date of the French Revolution. To remember this number, it is recommended to visualize it and create associations with it.

Draw timeline

You can draw a simple line in which to indicate the dates and record the events associated with this date, and consider this timeline every day. This helps to remember the dates of events that took place in history.

Divide and rule strategy

The point is to divide history into chronological order, events, consequences, and dates. Draw the diagram below and write down these important historical facts, events and characters in the diagram and create some visual images in your mind that will help you remember the entire scenario in chronological order.

Link facts to ideas

When preparing for an exam, the goal should be to memorize ideas fascinated by facts. To remember both, it is necessary to connect the facts with the information that already exists in the mind. For effective memorization, students mostly associate facts with objects, while others associate facts with sounds. It helps in learning through visualization. However, one must analyze events by thinking about what already exists in consciousness. This linking of facts to already existing information will require less effort on the part of students to remember the facts associated with ideas.

Image on paper

Instead of just learning dates at random, it's a good idea to arrange them in a certain way to reinforce the meaning. This will help you remember them. It is important to arrange them in chronological order of how certain events happened. You can think of an effective way to organize and classify them for easier memorization.

take notes

It is important to take good notes, which will be useful for learning. Good notes are useful because they are an effective tool for recalling and reviewing information.

It is recommended to keep notes short, concise and preferably in bulleted lists for ease of reference. You can highlight certain dates and key moments in a different color, or even create tables and charts.

Letter method

One of the easiest ways. The number must be tied to the letter according to the principle of external similarity. Here is an example how to do it.