Want a new wheel balancer and tyre changer? Here is what you should know

Wheel balancer and tyre changer equipment


A wheel balancer is a device used in the automotive industry to balance the weight distribution of a wheel and tire assembly. It is commonly used when mounting new tires or when addressing vibrations and uneven wear in existing tires. The balancer determines the areas where additional weight is needed to achieve balance and then adds small counterweights to compensate for any imbalances.

The benefits of using a wheel balancing device include:

  • Improved ride quality: When wheels are properly balanced, it reduces vibrations and improves overall ride comfort. Unbalanced wheels can cause steering wheel vibrations, which can be felt by the driver and lead to a less pleasant driving experience.


  • Increased tire life : Uneven weight distribution in a wheel can cause uneven tire wear. By using a wheel balancer, the weight is evenly distributed around the wheel, resulting in more uniform wear and longer tire life.


  • Enhanced safety: Balanced wheels contribute to improved vehicle handling and stability. When wheels are properly balanced, it reduces the chances of encountering steering problems, particularly at high speeds. This helps ensure safer driving conditions.


  • Prevention of mechanical damage: Wheel imbalances can put additional stress on suspension components, wheel bearings, and other parts of the vehicle. By using a wheel balancer, you can minimize the strain on these components, reducing the risk of premature wear or damage.
  • Fuel efficiency: Balanced wheels reduce rolling resistance, which can improve fuel efficiency. When wheels are properly balanced, it helps the tires roll smoothly, reducing the energy required to keep the vehicle moving.

Overall, using a wheel balancer is essential for maintaining the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of tires and the vehicle as a whole. It is standard practice in the automotive industry to ensure a smooth and balanced ride.

Should you Buy a tire changer?

A tire changer, also known as a tire mounting machine or tire mounting equipment, is a device used in automotive service centers and tire shops to remove and install tires on wheels. It is designed to make the process of changing tires more efficient and convenient. A tyre changer simplifies the tire changing process, saves time, increases safety, and improves efficiency in automotive service centers, tire shops, and other facilities where tires need to be replaced regularly.

Here are some benefits of using a tire changer:


Tire changers automate the tire removal and installation process, significantly reducing the time required to change tires. This is especially beneficial in busy automotive service centers where speed and efficiency are essential.

Reduced physical effort

Changing tires manually can be physically demanding, especially for larger and heavier tires. A tire changer eliminates the need for manual labor, reducing strain and fatigue on the operator.

Increased safety

Mounting and dismounting tires can be hazardous if not done correctly. Tire changers are designed with safety features such as clamps and bead-breaking mechanisms that securely hold the tire and rim, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Cost savings

Using a tire changer can help reduce labor costs associated with manual tire changing. Additionally, by preventing damage to tires or wheels during the installation process, a tyre changer can save money on repairs or replacements.

Conclusion: Wheel balancers and tyre changers provide considerable benefits in the automotive sector, benefiting both car owners and automotive technicians alike. For the best deals on these essential tools, visit https://interequip.com.au!