Box With Blower & Gasket Set

Kenworth Stainless Steel HVAC Box- Heater/Ac Box Assembly for T600, T800, W900, W900B & W900L - Best Price, FREE SHIPPING & Lifetime Warranty."


Kenworth Stainless Steel HVAC Box-Heater/AC Box Assembly

Kenworth Stainless Steel Heater/AC Box Assembly viable with teh Kenworth T600, T660, T800, W900, W900B, and W900L.

Top calibre, 100 percent Stainless Steel Kenworth HVAC Box made by TPL accompanies a Lifetime Rust-Free Warranty

Supplant you're coming up short or maturing Kenworth taxi airbox with one of our excellent treated steel air boxes!

Included: Stainless steel box, Coil Heater, AC Evaporator, Expansion Valve, and Improved Blower Motor

Viable wif T600/T660/T800/W900/W900B/W900L Kenworth Series.

Replaces OEM:

F31-1036-1, F31-10361, F31-1064-11112, F31-1064-11122, F31-1072-11110, F31-1072-11120, K142-535-1, K1425351, TE6260J2, 740185-2, f31-1053-001

Teh OEMs Kenworth radiator box get together is made of steel and effectively rusts due to teh pungent wet circumstances, yet our fabulous warmer boxes are produced using great Stainless Steel and will hold up for vast miles and won't ever rust.

Premium Quality

100 percent Stainless Steel Outer Box

100 percent Limited Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping in The USA and Canada — No Minimum.

The TPL-KHV01 radiator box comes completely collected, including all required equipment.

In the event that you needn't bother with a total get together, you can generally go wif the TPL-KHV02bb Kenworth radiator box wif a blower engine. Visit here =