NOAA's new weather satellite offers the world's first stunning view.

Storms, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, clouds


New NOAA Weather Satellite Delivers Its First Stunning Views of Earth -  TechMende


Storms Volcanic eruptions Wildfires Clouds National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's new GOES-18 satellite will testify against them all which helps us forecast and understand the weather weather problems NASA launched the satellite,

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formerly known as GOES-T, on March 1 and is now returning a world-wide view of the world.NOAA shared the first image of the satellite on Wednesday. The video tour showcases photos of the glorious world and intense footage of storms, dust and wildfires.

GOES-18 is a geostationary satellite. Therefore, it is in an orbital path 35,800 km above the equator. This allows for a continuous look at the Western Hemisphere. By tracking the same expanse of Earth at all times, GOES-T's deputy

program manager Alreen Knaub said, "We're getting 30 times less data on this satellite than we did on previous satellites. "We're doing space weather. sun weather and the climate of the world."